Kehlani - @kehlani
posted 9 days ago
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Kehlani the second photo is right after I stepped off the stair and rolled the shit out of my ankle 😂 then I hopped to the after party on crutches thank god we have an off day. Gunna rest this lil footsie up and we'll see y'all tomorrow in Dallas Texasssss whooooop ! #SSSTOUR
9 days ago

Sisi Please make your concerts handicapped accessible I have tickets for Austin show and I can't go due to lack of accommodation 😩😭
8 days ago

anjelif get well soonnn!!
8 days ago

Andrea ✨ That long 💁 is doin justice 😍
7 days ago

Shairy Corleone Blanco Water fight bahaha💕
7 days ago

lelia edel "good life" ❤💔
6 days ago

Nichel'e Jackson Awesome ❤️
5 days ago

شاهرخ اوکی
3 days ago

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