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Yb.Xo Papí - @jacquees
posted 4 days ago
21k     391


4 days ago

2 days ago

dis my spam looser Uhh ooh she gon steal yo mans @its_rafiki_baby
2 days ago

Follow the Leader 👑 She's trash. Kermett the frog looking ass dusty bitch..
2 days ago

gabisineagu Te Amo
2 days ago

Ebony 👸🏽 I hate this song
a day ago

(Too•Mah) 👑 ^^^Yall some hating ass mofos 😂😂 like let the girl have fun like goddamn. Hating for no reason. What she ever do to yall?
a day ago

Lloyd 😤 @jus_complex again 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
a day ago

May.20 Get dat broooo
a day ago

Is.💋 I don't like that plastic hoe but I appreciate her showing love & attention to a REAL MF #ILoveYouJacquees Real supporters know the words ! Lol
16 hours ago

Chula Spice 🌸 It's official you fucking litttttttttttttttttt
9 hours ago