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Lucy Holmes - @lucyholmesofficial
posted 4 days ago
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Lucy Holmes At the Premiere opening night of @aladdininaus @aladdin @bridgespraust ... and I'm speechless. This show is pure JOY. The casting is IMPECCABLE. The Genie @iammjscott literally just got a ten minute standing ovation mid-show for his rendition of Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me. Unheard of. He was AMAZING. 10/10! ❤😍👌🏻
4 days ago

Bailey I did a play on that today
4 days ago

Akora Hair Salon Babes!!!😍 how great is the genie!!!!
4 days ago

Lisa K Must be rewarding being in the audience rather than on stage @lucyholmesofficial
4 days ago