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Daily Monitor - @dailymonitorug
posted 19 days ago
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Daily Monitor President Museveni accuses officials of failing to check corruption. He singled out Finance Minister Matia Kasaija http://epaper.monitor.co.ug/
19 days ago

matt Frank Ugandans are not surprised
19 days ago

Moses Kato Yalwaawo
18 days ago

Tsesoyi Bosco It's all about his government that is the uganda of today
18 days ago

Kabanda Patrick The whole government is full of thieves only....I wish the president also explains the source of his wealth
18 days ago

Will 😱😔😔😔😓
18 days ago

David Rey Meanwhile that cover photo is on point.
17 days ago

Yakani Edward wat did u do if they are thieves sack them then wat au waiting for
14 days ago

10 days ago