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Alice Halim - @alicehalim
posted 2 months ago
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Alice Halim #Split is one of THE #best #psychological #thriller #movies I've ever watched! The idea of 'insanity' claiming to be sane (that gray area where polarities seemingly cease to exist) have always fascinated me. At the end of the movie, I felt that my mind had pieced together an incomplete puzzle - however, I believe that this 'piece' might be a part of an even greater story. Kudos to #Shyamalan for the #wonderful storyline and #JamesMcAvoy's #amazing #acting abilities!! Now I gotta explore more on #DID and #unbreakablemovie :9 #splitmovie #recommended #moviejunkie
2 months ago

🌼Morgan Renee🌼 I have red socks!❣️
2 months ago

Alice Halim @yvng.gymnast.ctx "I have blue socks too."
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