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katrinadevore - @katrinadevore
posted a year ago
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katrinadevore I gotta say, I'm pretty good at chopping wood!! Showing the boys how it's done and helping to keep everyone warm at the @altalakesobservatory !!! 📷: @colterjh #gratitude #blessupblissout #choppingwood #staywarmstaypositive @strafeouterwear @zealoptics #throughourlenses #exploremore
a year ago

Lea Tucker Heading there in March! Fun
a year ago

Sophia Camille Whatttt I was just in Salt lake toooooo
a year ago

katrinadevore Alta Lakes Observatory is in Telluride @sophascinated !!! 😊
a year ago

Sophia Camille Ohh ooopppps. Love youuuu❄️
a year ago