April 13, 2017

4 Ways to Get Your Best Instagram Marketing Results

At the end of the day, Instagram marketing is not much different than any other form of social media marketing.

Sure, Twitter posts display a different type of content, Twitter ads appear different from other ad layouts, tweets are often more text-focused than visually-focused, the list goes on. Similar discrepancies can be noted for Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Ultimately, however, the driving force of Instagram marketing is the same as that of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn: an increasing ability to attract users and reel in conversions.

With conversions holding reign as the main goal of your Instagram marketing strategy, employing the following tactics will help you both attract Instagram users and consequently draw them to your business to increase conversions.

Here are four effective ways to get your best Instagram marketing results for the benefit of your business.

Add a Profile Link

This seems almost too simple to be a step on its own, but it’s an easy-as-pie free advertisement of your website–often the strongest conversion tool you can use, and for good reason.

Not only is your website perhaps your strongest conversion tool, but your company’s Instagram profile page is the only place you can actually include a clickable link.

A link pasted in a regular Instagram post or video broadcast will not redirect users to your site when clicked–Instagram forces you to use your own profile for that. Use this opportunity to guide users to the hub of your marketing strategy–your website.

Having only one place to paste a link might sound limiting at first, and understandably so. The good news? You can change the link on your Instagram profile as often as you’d like.

This means you can use your link to direct users to a company contest page, newly released blog content, a valuable landing page, a product splash page, a custom lead generation page or any other web page on which you want your Instagram followers to land.

Keep in mind that Google Analytics has trouble tracking your website page views when a user lands on your website via your Instagram profile. Google records this web traffic as direct instead of “Instagram referral.” To avoid confusion when you’re tracking analytics results, you can use a bit.ly shortened URL instead of your company URL in its entirety.

Something else to consider: If you’re running a two-week-long contest promotion, for instance, feel free to change the link in your Instagram profile for a few weeks while the contest is running in full swing. Once the contest ends, just change it back to your website URL. It’s as simple as that.

Either way, you have a 24/7 promotion opportunity just from drawing profile page views. Take advantage!

Showcase Your Brand

Putting your products and services on display is an easy route to connecting your audience with your proposed value.

If you’re an athlete (or at least someone who wears athletic apparel frequently), would you rather see an image of a professional athlete wearing Adidas gear or Adidas gear being worn by a random person on a sidewalk? Would you rather see an Adidas athletic shirt laid on a table or on the back of an NBA superstar? Would Adidas tennis shoes look better on a model or would they look better sitting dormant in front of a green screen background?

These are things to consider when developing your Instagram marketing strategy. The strategic part of your content strategy means planning out those kinds of shots to that they are maximally appealing to users who are likely to invest in your brand at some point or another.

Another easy way to increase your reach through showcasing your brand is by using a reposting app. Using this kind of app allows you to (yes, you guessed it) repost content that has been previously posted by outside users.

Of course, reposting is only really as valuable as the content you’re reposting. Try to limit your reposts to only high-quality images of people using and promoting your brand.

There is vast opportunity to display your brand value to your Instagram followers. Once again, take advantage by showcasing your products and services.

Image Text Overlays = Free Ads

Is there an easier way to advertise yourself with a clean and compelling design than by using Instagram?

Probably not. This is a great chance to get creative with your posts and promote a company event, sponsorship, sale, monthly deal, or anything else that might be worth mentioning on social media.

Check out a few examples of clean designs using text overlay that have been posted in the past.

This type of content is compelling and shows that you’ve put time into designing the post. It’s visually stimulating, which means users are much more likely to click your profile and see what other solid visual content you’ve cooked up in the past. And what does this mean? Increased exposure for your profile link and consequently more website traffic.

Use a Strong CTA

Your Instagram marketing is only as good as your ability to close conversion opportunities. With a well-written, clear and concise call to action, you drastically increase your chances of a click.

In your post caption, include a very clear and directive statement saying exactly what the user needs to do in order to receive a discount, lower a price, enter a contest, etc.

Since your profile page is the only space you can post a link, use your post caption to write “link in bio” or “click on the link on our bio to see more!” to direct users to the proper link.

Remember, your post caption is prime Instagram real estate. This means that unless you are purposefully doing it for creative reasons, your caption space should not be left blank by any means. Use your caption to include a strong CTA and explain your post with detail and hashtags for an exposure boost.

Like any marketing strategy, a call to action is the crucial step in leading to a user conversion. Write yours with creative gusto and brevity!

Users appreciate straightforward calls to action where they are directed what to do, and this is a chance to improve the “social media user experience” amongst your following to create a positive brand perception for yourself.